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Photojournalism - Posed - Candid, Consultation Services are Important

We believe your wedding is very unique & special. Our photographers are specially trained and equipped to capture your wedding moments, not to pose them for you. For example, when you dance that first dance with the man of your dreams on your wedding day, you don't need a photographer to tell you how! For this reason, we take mostly candid photos, with the posed formal portraits as you wish. The equipment we use is specialized for this.

Our business and photography methods are very different also. Most studios use a traditional practice of including professional fees in each photograph you purchase. You must pay $25.00-$50.00 for each 8X10! Photographers doing this try to take as many photos as possible to build a photo inventory to sell to you, after your wedding is just a memory. To treasure and preserve these precious memories, you may have to spend much more than you originally budgeted, or can afford. Do you really want to miss most of your wedding to take photos you may not want, or may not be able to afford? We charge a fair price for our service, you get to keep all of the images we create at your wedding & your enlargements are priced as if you were buying directly from a photo lab, because you are! Image are developed in our professional lab, eliminating additional costs! You receive a high-rez DVD with all of your images with all of our packages, so you can make your own photos if you wish!

We use modern High-Tech computerized camera systems, both film and digital with the finest optics. These special cameras have computers in the flash, lens & camera body that work together to produce images no manual system can! This allows our photographers to capture all the fun and excitement of your special day. We don't spend hours to capture your family portraits as our special cameras allow us to work fast & efficiently, allowing you to enjoy your wedding. Combining our unique professional lab with these cameras and techniques, we can provide superior service and great value to you!


Consultation Services

You will want to enjoy your day with your family and friends. The details should be left to the professionals. We will never get to know all of your family and guests. Many of these people you may want a formal photograph with them. To be sure all of your requests are completed, we offer an additional assistant to you and our staff to help you with your needs, and ensure all requests are completed. This help insure your day goes smoothly, you and your family have a great day, and every moment you wish is preserved. Fees are based on your needs. We offer personal assistants that can also provide hair and makeup touch up, as well as all other services. Please ask us for details.


About Our Fees

When the economy fell apart, we realized we needed to do something to help our neighbors. We adjusted our packages by removing items that could be purchased later when we are all in better financial times. The above packages do not have albums, or photos but provide the same quality service we offer in our full service packages which start at $1200.00 (below) that do include albums and photographs. Our lower cost packages make it possible for every bride and groom to have professional quality memories preserved. These packages also empower the bride & groom to make their own albums or photos. We do offer the ability to purchase professional albums and photographs later, with the same high quality we include with all our services we have provided over the last fourty years.